ACG Systems | Boston Police Department RIC-Mz Technology

ACG Systems (ACG) has completed the shipment and delivery of the Christine Wireless RIC-Mz to the Boston Police Department (BPD) in Boston, Ma.

The RIC-Mz (Radio IP Communications Module) is a converter that allows conventional Motorola ASTRObase stations and related equipment to be interconnected using IP. This product was designed for use by State, Local and Federal first responders, public safety and law enforcement users of radio systems. Developed by Christine Wireless under license from DHS/S&T.

The BPD utilized a combination of local, state and US Federal funding to upgrade their radio CORE network in 2018.

That project modernized the communications management centers and system and included the city-owned communications infrastructure of consoles, repeaters, towers and connectivity.

Beginning in 2020 and into 2021, the BPD began to implement the RIC-Mz technology to extend the modern CORE network functionality to surrounding areas and municipalities outside of BPD. By utilizing the RIC-Mz technology, the BPD was able to connect to legacy Motorola Quantars and AstroTac voters owned by the smaller towns and boroughs via IP, while also eliminating expensive and obsolete leased lines. The use of the RIC-Mz also extended the life of the small municipal-owned equipment, saving budget and reducing the disruption of major equipment upgrades.

ACG Project Contact: Tim Carney,