TC Communications

Integrating legacy devices into modern networks

  • Integrative Service
  • Designed for Critical Networks and Harsh Environments
  • Remote Management Using Web Browser
  • Migrate to an IP/Ethernet Network
  • Convert Outdated Tech and Aging Infrastructure

JumboBank | JumboSwitch: A channel bank for today and tomorrow

A quick solution for channel bank obsolescence. For networks looking to quickly replace their channel banks with a similar solution, JumboBank draws from the industry-leading JumboSwitch and helps utilities take a more cautious migration approach by updating just the communications component in their network and preserving their DS0 devices and T1 backhaul.


Mini Channel Bank  |  T1/E1 Multiplexer Series

A plug-and-play solution for replacing Analog and other DS0 Leased Lines

As telecommunication companies phase out dedicated leased lines and migrate their networks to IP, many existing infrastructures continue to leverage T1 connections for their reliability.

TC Communications’ Mini Channel Bank series enables you to preserve valuable network equipment and maintain network reliability. These proven T1 multiplexers make transporting interfaces over T1 or E1 simple and easy. Avoid the cumbersome setup of a traditional channel bank, reset units remotely using the unique R2 Button, and leverage your current T1 connections to maximize efficiency.


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