RIC-Mz Cage

RIC-Mz Cage

Capacity to hold up to 21 RIC-Mz Converters


Rackmount RIC-Mz Card Cage. Capacity to hold up to 21 RIC-Mz cards specifically designed for use in the cage application. Redundant power supplies with automatic failover.  Power suppliers are customer designated (120vac, 12 vdc, 40 vdc).

Holds up to 21 RIC-Mz Converters

Redundant power supplies (customer specifies power input)


Pricing:  call for quote

Availability: Ships in 30 days

Fits a standard 19” rack (that’s the width), and utilizes 3U (3 rack units, which are about 1.5 inches each so 4.5 inches height and about 10 inches deep.


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