Orion Operator Position IP Radio Dispatch Console

The Orion Systems IP Console interconnects Console Operators with radios, telephones, and other Console operators over Ethernet utilizing Voice over IP (VoIP) and Radio over IP (RoIP) protocols.

IP Console Capabilities:

  • Radio / Telephone Operation
  • Single Talk or Multi Talk selectable
  • Radio-to-Radio Patch
  • Radio-to Telephone Patch
  • Telephone-to-Telephone Conference
  • Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Radio over IP (RoIP)
  • Digital Radio Connect—ED137 & DMR AIS
  • Integrated IP Telephone
  • Integrated IP-PBX
  • SIP, Multicast & Unicast capable
  • Highly Customizable and Scalable
  • Screen sizes 8” – 19”
  • Headsets/Handsets = 2
  • Speakers = Select/Un-Select
  • Windows 7/10 application installable on Laptops, Rugged Tablets, and PCs
  • Touch or Keyboard/Mouse

Digital Dispatch Systems (DDS)

The IP Console is comprised of a Windows based PC, an Orion Systems Console GUI application and a headset jackbox. The Windows based PC can be either a desktop, laptop, or tablet. The PC types listed above are available as standard office environment or can be configured with high brite displays for sunlight readability, wide temperature for outdoor use, and rugged environment to protect against vibrations.

The IP Console GUI includes Per Circuit Volume, Patch, Audio Present, Multi-Monitor, Mute, Mute All, Simu-Select, All Call, and Headset Volume selections. Telephone functions such as Caller ID, Redial, Transfer, Conference, Hold, and Do not Disturb are standard features.

The headset/handset jackbox allows two operators to share a single IP Console. The jackbox has field configurable gain settings to match a dynamic, electret, or carbon / carbon equivalent microphones. A volume pot is provided for each headset/handset interface. The headset/handset interfaces can be set to operate as supervisor/trainee or equal capability.