Granite EPIK – POTS Replacement

Granite EPIK offers a POTS alternative that is fully compatible with alarm, POS, and voice lines, and provides savings along with the best service in the industry. Our patented technology is delivered over the 4G LTE network, with intelligent failover to internet or PRI connections for redundancy. Granite EPIK offers universal US availability, even at locations no longer served by traditional copper circuits.

Based on a Class 5 Softswitch, the Granite EPIK device fully emulates a central office, delivering service quality and reliability – and allowing alarm providers a code-compliant network handoff for existing fire or intrusion panels and enabling compliance with both HIPAA and PCI standards.

Key benefits:

  • Compatible with virtually all analog line devices, including alarm panels (including Contact ID, 4×2, SIA, and modem protocols), POS, elevators, FSK-enabled modem, and fax
  • Fire and building code-compliant
  • More reliable than traditional POTS with 24-hour battery backup, optional dual SIMs, and intelligent failover to PRI or internet connection*
  • Optional PRI handoff to PBX systems
  • 24/7 remote out-of-band monitoring with instant notification for critical alarm and voice circuits
  • Cellular backup to maintain site connectivity if primary internet access is unavailable
  • Advanced security with end-to-edge encryption on calls and faxes
  • PCI-compliant for payments, POS, and other financial transactions
  • HIPAA compliant for medical, pharmacy, and insurance environments
  • Toll-free and existing DID numbers can be ported or new numbers assigned
  • Advanced voice features including ringdown (auto-dial when phone goes off-hook), forwarding, hunt groups, and voicemail
  • Cost savings of up to 30%

Monitoring and reporting

The Granite EPIK portal provides a dashboard view of device status, call detail activity and fax transmissions. Benefit from 24/7 monitoring with real-time email, SMS or voice notification of network status, power loss, backup battery status and environmental conditions.



Solution Capabilities: Traditional analog line compatibility

Granite EPIK includes a Class 5 Central Office switch that supports traditional analog lines, including ones that are not compatible with other SIP-based or wireless solutions.

  • Meets or exceeds national, state, and local building and fire codes
  • Approved for Life Safety applications, including fire and burglar panels, elevators, and other alarm systems
  • Permitted under National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 72 as a Managed Facility-based Voice Network (MFVN)
  • Listed and approved for use as MFVN by California State Fire Marshal
  • Tested and accepted by leading fire and burglar panel manufacturers as satisfying their technical standards
  • Cutting-edge technology; Alarm Protocol Relay (patent pending latency compensation algorithm) for latency-sensitive applications in hard-to-serve areas


Compatible with virtually all analog fax devices:

  • Transmit and receive, including long-form and high-volume faxes
  • Unique store-and-forward capability ensures greater than 99% fax deliverability
  • HIPAA compliant with end-to-edge fax encryption