T6 Radio

The heart of Sapphire is the world’s leading ground-to-air radio platform, the Park Air T6. Packed with the latest technology, the T6 Radios offer outstanding performance for VHF and UHF coverage.

The T6 Radios set standards for bringing high levels of safety, efficiency and performance into a compact unit.

You can choose from a full range of transmitters, receivers and transceivers in VHF and UHF models, for both civil and military settings.

Each model is highly flexible and adaptable for any ATM scenario, be it for small towers, country-wide networks or international operators. All of it is all elegantly captured into the smallest, lightest package we have ever produced



Features & Benefits


Reduced whole life costs. Efficiency is increased and power consumption is decreased, reducing the initial and ongoing costs of power and air conditioning. The combination of up to a ten-year service interval and fifteen-year service lifetime also brings down cost of ownership.

Better environmental performance.

The reduced power consumption is a result of Park Air’s ongoing work to improve environmental standards. Another step forward is that no materials specified in the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS 2) directive are used in the manufacture of the T6 Radio.

Quality of communications.

Class-leading RF performance. A step-change improvement in the radio RF design has resulted in better interface and co-site performance in the increasingly crowded radio spectrum, reducing the need for external filtering and, in many cases, eliminating it completely.


Flexible main/standby features. These include integral RF/line changeover and software programmable interfaces for controlling external changeover units. Independent AC and DC power options provide additional redundancy.

Advanced temperature control. Digital power management and computer controlled airflow ensure that the radios run cool. This extends component life and reduces the risk of failures.

Intelligent built-in-test. The T6 Radio continually monitors its own environment and performance. If any issues are detected, the radio enters a ‘reduced service’ state, decreasing the power output and alerting the operator with diagnostic information before failure occurs.

Automatic simultaneous call transmission detection. The Park Air SCT technology alerts the operator to the possibility of call blocking and the loss of vital communications between pilot and the ground.


Our most secure radio ever. In addition to front panel screen and interface port locks, there is also support for the latest secure web protocols. These include SNMP v3 with enhanced encryption and authentication, and a secure webserver interface with HTTPS and IPv6/IPv4 compliance.

Connectivity and expansion.

The T6 Radio has been developed with the future in mind. The crucial parameters of network connectivity, environmental sustainability and long service life have all been central to design and specification decisions.

Three independently addressable IP ports are available: two on the rear for autonomous network connectivity and one on the front for easy browser access to the built-in maintenance web-server.

Significant reserves of on-board computer power support future upgrades.

Software defined waveforms.

As well as traditional AM-Voice, a number of data waveform options are also available, anticipating the continued growth in data-link services. These include ACARS, VDL-M2 and Wideband AM Data.

Remote firmware upgrade.

The ability to update radio firmware from a remote location reduces the need for radio site visits. Connection to an IP network is all that’s required.

IPv6 core capability. IP connectivity, both for VoIP audio and ‘monitor and control’ data is based on IPv6 (and also works on IPv4), ensuring compatibility with latest-generation networks and systems.

Simplified installation, set-up and usability.

The T6 Radio is half the size and weight of previous models. This means that you can house more channels in your available cabinet space. A new and innovative mounting system means that no tools are required for cabinet installation.

Intuitive user interface.

A high resolution OLED graphical display is supplemented by a main rotary input control, context-specific soft buttons and indicator icons. There are visual indications of radio activity to accompany the audio.

Loudspeaker to monitor voice transmissions. As an aid to maintenance staff, all T6 Radio models (transmitter, receiver and transceiver) provide a loudspeaker so that voice transmissions can be monitored locally when necessary.

T6 Radio Specifications

Operating frequencies

VHF: 118 MHz to 137 MHz

VHF: Extended options available between 112 MHz and 156 MHz

UHF: 225 MHz to 400 MHz


AM Voice: 25 kHz/12.5 kHz/8.33 kHz channel spacing

AM Wideband




Self-locking Lemo for microphone/headset

4-W E&M for voice and data

Three individually addressable Ethernet ports for VoIP and RCMS

E1 for voice and RCMS

Two N-Type coaxial antenna connectors

Radio pair operation

Autonomous selection of main / standby or transmit / receive radio with internal audio and RF switching.

Power supply

99-264 Vac, 21-32 Vdc


ICAO Annex 10

EN 300 676

EN 301 489


Transmitter characteristics:

Output power

50 W (maximum dependent on waveform and options))

Duty cycle


Mod depth

5% to 95%

Broadband noise

<-160 dBc/Hz at 1% fo offset

Adjacent channel power

<-110 dBc/Hz (for 8.33 kHz channels)

Receiver characteristics:


<-107 dBm (for 10 dB (S+N)/N with ITU-T weighting)


VHF: >100 dB (at 200 kHz from reference frequency) UHF: >90 dB (at 300 kHz from reference frequency)

Cross modulation rejection

>105 dB (at 200 kHz from reference frequency)

Physical and environmental characteristics:


79 mm (2U) high x 210 mm (half-rack) wide x 420 mm deep


Transmitter: <5.5 kg

Transceiver: <6 kg

Receiver: <3.5 kg

Operating temperature range

-20 to +55 ̊C



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