Omnicron Call TeleCorder

Similar to the stand-alone TeleCorder models, but without the built-in hard drive, display, keypad, speaker, remote access, and external power supply. The UC-02B and UC-04B are inexpensive alternatives that use your PC to store the recordings. With the two-channel UC-02B and four-channel UC-04B, recordings are stored directly on the hard drive on your PC. Operation requires the host PC and recorder software to remain operational and communicate with the recorder via its USB connection.

  • Record conversations directly onto the hard drive in your PC via USB connection
  • Add or edit text notes for each recording
  • Powered by your PC via the USB cable
  • Easy plug-and-play hardware & software
  • Up to 140 hours of talk time per Gigabyte
  • With TeleCorder it is easy to record, copy, playback, email, and delete conversations

Quickly Pays for Itself — Would you like to record your telephone and/or 2-way radio calls automatically onto the hard disk of your PC? If you carry out important business affairs, there may come a day when you will be very thankful that you recorded a call. The diskless TeleCorder can be a valuable and inexpensive addition to your business environment. Your recordings will be available whenever you need them, and you’ll have proof of exactly what was said, who said it, and when. The TeleCorder will quickly pay for itself many times over.

A Very Practical Product — With the TeleCorder, your PC can record conversations automatically. No action needs to be taken to record a call, so you cannot forget to make a recording. Supplied software automatically makes a database from which recordings can be retrieved. You can copy, email, or delete conversations immediately after they have been made, or at any time in the future. Your recorded conversations can also be searched by date, phone number, or text notes that you add.

Many Applications

  • Banks and other financial firms
  • Call centers, medical offices
  • Service firms such as airlines, taxi control centers, pizza delivery, towing firms, etc.
  • Private individuals with lots of business contacts or less-than-perfect memory
  • Insurance agencies, insurance adjusters, collection agencies, concrete plants, etc.
  • Any firm that needs to document important conversations and be able to verify details of verbal agreements



Two & four channel voice logging recorders

Two models to choose from — with or without built-in hard drive, player, LAN, and/or USB access

  • Compact voice recorders that store recordings on a built-in hard drive or a PC via USB/LAN connection
  • Access your important recordings using a PC, USB, LAN, or a built-in control panel (model dependent)
  • Cost-effective solution to record conversations from phone lines, phone sets, 2-way-radios, etc.