GD URC-300® Transceiver

  •  Significant RF improvement over the URC-200 (V2) LOS Transceiver
  • 8.33kHz ETSI EN 300 676-1 Compliance and CE marking for global operations
  • Designed to meet stringent FAA requirements
  • Customizable, software-defined platform enables future field-upgradeable enhancements
  • Compatible with many legacy URC-200 family accessories
  • Remote Control Unit and VoIP Gateway Adapter for long-distance operation over IP Network


Maximized RF Performance – Redefining Software Defined 

Improved Ground-to-Air-Communications 

The new software-defined URC-300 Transceiver improves ground-to-air communications with an architecture that enables users to upgrade fielded radios as new technology becomes available. The URC- 300 retains a familiar user-friendly interface from the URC-200 (V2) as well as many of the legacy accessories. 

  • UHF/VHF AM Voice; ETSE EN 300 676-1 compliant for both 8.33 and 25 kHz 
  • UHF/VHF FM Voice with optional 30-90 frequency band extension 
  • Separate DC input powers radio and charges battery 
  • Built-in power conditioning replaces external filter accessories 
  • Smaller size and less weight than the URC-200 (V2); ideal for emergency grab-and-go 
  • Side-by-side radios fit into a 19” rack for rackmount applications 
  • Redesigned user interface with large, user-friendly display 

Future, Field-Upgradeable Enhancements 

  • Additional accessories for vehicular, shipboard, backpack and rackmount applications 
  • Cipher text (data) 
  • Frequency agile cosite filter 
  • Adaptive Noise Reduction (ANR) 

Additional Certifications 

  • MIL-461G EMI/EMC 
  • CE / RoHS / REACH / Radio Equipment Directive 
  • FCC 


  • Web-based configuration and monitoring tool for maintainers 
  • Two-channel Remote Control Unit 
  • ED-137 VoIP Gateway Adapter 
  • 50W power amplifier 
  • Additional accessories for vehicular, shipboard, backpack and rackmount applications 
  • Optional accessories to power from AC or DC source