Why Airfinder Everywhere?

  • Battery life 3-7+ years, or rechargeable
  • Seamless outdoor to indoor tracking
  • Hub functionality to track associated Bluetooth tags and sensors (examples: group or individual location, temperature, humidity, shock, water, leak, tamper, open/close)
  • Track and alert on asset behavior such as geofences, dwell times, transit times, separated from a group, delivered, or route history
  • Pricing just dollars per month (depending on volume)
  • Analytics and reporting on IoT platform
  • Easy integration to any other platform
  • Global SKU where LTE-M or NB-IoT coverage available

How It Works

The infrastructure for AirFinder Everywhere is simple to set up and use, taking only a few minutes to get your system up and running. AirFinder Everywhere users can choose how often they want asset tags to update status to further conserve battery varying location technologies. With the Rechargeable SuperTag, you never have to worry about replacing batteries.

The tags can be set to update when they detect movement and how frequently while moving. The user can also choose how often the tags check-in when there’s no movement. You can enable geofences to trigger alerts when the tag is leaving a zone, moving into a zone, or moving between zones. Associated Bluetooth tags can also be configured with a variety of supplemental sensor
capabilities for additional monitoring and peace of mind.