ACG Systems Completes all Testing of Cisco’s Fluidmesh Radio Technology in a Proof-of-Concept Program for US Army

In partnership with Cisco, ACG Systems has successfully completed all testing of Cisco’s Fluidmesh FM4500 MOBI radio technology in a proof-of-concept program for the US Army. Cisco’s Fluidmesh Radio testing addresses the Army’s current challenges of its mature and potentially obsolete infrastructure with limited bandwidth and backhaul speeds. The Army’s objective was to identify a cost-effective, higher-performance product to replace the existing equipment for their tactical communication and backhaul needs.  

After an initial review of the Fluidmesh technology, the Army invited Cisco and ACG Systems to implement the solution at Fort Huachuca. The teams demonstrated a cost-effective, higher-performance replacement to allow the Army to improve its communication and support emerging technologies with higher bandwidth and capability requirements. 

The Fluidmesh testing consisted of two parts: Point-to-Point Microwave “bridge” testing at 30km/18mi and Point-to-Multi-Point MESH radio (Fluidity) testing. The implementation and testing were a huge success as the proof of concept demonstrated increased reliable backhaul throughput while utilizing full 256-bit AES encryption maintaining a consistently higher throughput at greater ranges with multiple moving vehicles. 

Both ACG and Cisco provided onsite engineering support, while ACG provided technical expertise to engineer, design, and install the Fluidmesh radios on the Army towers. The Army has expressed a very high satisfaction rating with the performance of the Cisco CURWB Microwave Testing and MESH Testing. As part of our continued partnership with the Army, ACG and Cisco will be upgrading their wireless backhaul and mobile connectivity. 


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