ACG Systems to provide United Airlines several Remote Radio Controllers at multiple Airport Sites

ACG Systems will provide the Jotron Remote Radio Controller (RRC) system for the United Airlines (UA) hub ramp tower operations at ORD, DEN, EWR, LAX, SFO, and IAH airports. The solution allows VoIP-based radio control of UA’s air/ground radios with the Jotron Remote Radio Controller (RRC) 7700, the JDA-801 Digital to Analog, and JAD-801 Analog to Digital Converters. Jotron engineering will install and configure all server software and provide comprehensive operations and maintenance training on all equipment for UA personnel at each site.

ACG Systems has partnered with UA to provide various radio technologies over the years to ensure safe, reliable, and dependable air/ground communications.

About ACG Systems

For over 20 years, ACG has supported the Federal Government with air-to-ground, LMR, tactical, dispatch/command and control, and integrated IT solutions. Combining our small company agility with customer service, we deliver advanced solutions and meet critical deadlines.