ACG Systems completes Transition Warning Radio Broadcast System installation for United States Space Force 

ACG Systems provided, programmed, and installed the Orion Transition Warning Radio Broadcast System, General Dynamics CM350 Ground-to-Air radios, and artic-grade antennas for aircraft communications upgrades at Clear Space Force Station in Anderson, AK. ACG and the Orion engineering teams customized and updated the operational programs and products to meet the Missile Defense Agency’s (MDA) requirements. The ACG engineering team reviewed the antenna and radio installation, making recommendations for additional grounding, swept antennas, and measured final power-out values to meet the NTIA Radio Frequency Authorization.

ACG demonstrated the updated system to the MDA, Space Force, and the Army Corp of Engineers, providing a system overview and training to system operators. A final range testing by the FAA aircraft ensured all requirements had been met and the ATC could adequately warn local aircraft about restricted airspace. We look forward to working with the United States Space Force as they require future comms and antenna upgrades.

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