ACG Systems | Southwest Airlines Product and Service Award

Under a new award, ACG Systems (ACG) will provide equipment and services to upgrade the Southwest Airlines (SWA) Air/Ground Network. The project will cover 130 radio sites over a 2-year period with phase 1 completing 65 sites for the remainder of 2022.

ACG will also equip SWA with VHF-AM IP-capable radios to transition from dialup to IP network access from SWA’s dispatch center in Dallas, Tx. ACG also plans to provide the ACG IP remotes for local network access to the air/ground radio system. During the upgrade, the ACG Technical Support team will also perform system checks or upgrades to the antenna and cable systems. In parallel, ACG will also deploy a remote monitoring system for real-time monitoring and radio updates.

A long-term communications partner with SWA, ACG Systems has updated multiple airport locations throughout the United States, transitioning their operations from legacy analog systems to the most recent IP radio technology.

About ACG Systems

For over 20 years, ACG has supported the Federal Government with air-to-ground, LMR, tactical, dispatch/command and control, and integrated IT solutions. Combining our small company agility with customer service, we deliver advanced solutions and meet critical deadlines.