ACG Systems | Nashville VAMC Upgrades



In 2021, the Nashville, TN Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) awarded a services contract to ACG Systems to upgrade their Dispatch Communications and 911 Call-Taking Center. The new system will meet and exceed their operational requirements and improve overall emergency comms.

The proposed Communications Suite will be operating in conjunction with P25 LMR repeaters to complete the essential emergency communication infrastructure.


ACG Systems will be installing a fully customized console workstation to accommodate 3 dispatchers. Each of the 3 dispatchers will be operating a 2-part system; 1-part Radio Communications Dispatch Console and a 1-part 911 Call Taking Console.

Additionally, an IP recording device will be installed to record radio and telephony – providing critical audio playback for the dispatchers. Lastly, four P25 LMR Repeaters will be installed at four different sites to upgrade the LMR infrastructure that the VA relies upon daily for their critical communications


Zetron Call Taking

Zetron MAX Dispatch Positions

Eventide NexLog Recording Device

RF Technologies P25 Repeater Systems

Continued Partnership

“We’re delighted to have another opportunity to work with the Veterans Affairs as they continue to upgrade their emergency communications systems nationwide. This is one of many installations within the Veterans Affairs that we are working on and we look forward to upgrading the communications in Nashville, TN with proven and reliable products,”said Patrick Carney, Account Manager at ACG Systems.

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ACG Project Contact: Patrick Carney,