USDA Salmon-Challis National Forest Radio Installation Project 


ACG Systems (ACG) completed a multi-product radio installation project at USDA Salmon-Challis National Forest. Under the NASA SEWP V Contract subcontracted by Strategic Communications, ACG delivered, installed, and trained the USDA Forest Service Salmon-Challis on four Cambium PTP 700 Microwave radios and ancillary equipment.  


Products: Cambium PTP 700 Microwave 

Services: After a thorough survey, ACG provided the Cambium PTP 700 Microwave Radios and necessary ancillary equipment for each location. The scope of work required installation, alignment, testing, and microwave link optimization. After a successful installation, ACG encrypted each link to FIPS140 AES256 standards and provided the Forest Service with PTP 700 radio training. The 6-month project was completed in late 2020 under the required Period of Performance (POP). 

Training: Operational and Maintenance

ACG will provide the FS with one (1) half-day of equipment training. Training will include the basic use and operation for the Cambium radios. ACG will provide training for up to 5 students at an FS facility with hands-on demonstrations and interactive sessions. Basic break-fix and troubleshooting methods will be covered to allow FS to self-diagnose and correct minor issues. This will be hands-on with the installed equipment. FS staff will be provided with digital copies of all manuals and user guides. We provide microwave system training materials (e.g., training manuals, operations manuals, technical specifications, and training presentations). 


 ACG will provide Cambium for radio and IT backhaul. 

ACG Project Contact: Jake Dick, 

Contract Type: SEWP Through Partner Strategic Communications  

Contract Number: 12760420F0116