LAX Midfield Ramp Tower


Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is the nation’s third busiest airport in annual passengers and annual aircraft operations. In 2020, the airport launched one of the largest public works programs in Californian history. The $14 billion construction project includes upgrades to runways, terminals, and operational systems, as well as major infrastructure improvements to the city’s metro systems.

Leidos, a trusted technology provider and systems integrator serving the Federal Aviation Administration, subcontracted ACG Systems to act as the radio subject matter expert (SME) to assist building out the communications suite for the new LAX Midfield Ramp Tower.


The (Midfield Ramp Control Tower) RCT Communications system includes 10 observation level operator console positions networked to servers, a Cisco-based telephone system, emergency analog telephone lines, and 4 primary VHF radios through an access layer switch in the Support Level IT room.

ACG Systems provided onsite engineering expertise for the RCT communications systems design to include: RCT-to-aircraft communications, RCT-to-airline and ramp/gate support personnel, and RCT interface to inbound and outbound emergency telephone systems.

The ACG team designed, furnished, and installed all required infrastructure to support Scout system applications including radio, phone, and alerting systems.