ACG Systems | AirForce Mobile ATC Tower

ACG Systems | AirForce Mobile ATC Tower

Under a subcontract to Expeditionary Building Systems (EBS), ACG Systems (ACG) is providing integration and engineering support for a prototype mobile ATC tower. The tower project, intended for a USAF overseas deployment, utilized the GD Mission Systems CM350 VHF/UHF radios and TACO dual-element antennas. The GD radios were integrated with the Frequentis VCS 3020x console system.

ACG’s technical and engineering teams allocated project management, installation integration services, product expertise, support, training, project assessment, and long-term strategy for future projects.

Completion Date: 2021

Products: GD CM350 radios for ATC, TACO Antennas, Motorola radios, Frequentis Console System

Project Contact: Joe Williamson

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