ACG Systems | USDA Salmon-Challis National Forest Radio Installation Project 

ACG Systems (ACG) has completed a multi-product radio installation project at USDA Salmon-Challis National Forest. Under the NASA SEWP Contract subcontracted by Strategic CommunicationsACG delivered, installed, and trained the USDA Forest Service Salmon-Challis on four Cambium PTP 700 Microwave radios and ancillary equipment.  

After a thorough survey, ACG provided the Cambium PTP 700 Microwave radios and necessary ancillary equipment for each location. The scope of work required installation, alignment, testing, and microwave link optimization. After a successful installation, ACG encrypted each link to FIPS140 AES256 standards and provided the Forest Service with PTP 700 radio training. The 6-month project was completed in late 2020 under the required Period of Performance (POP).  

ACG Project Contact: Jake Dick, 

Contract Type: SEWP Through Partner Strategic Communications  

Contract Number: 12760420F0116