Christine Wireless, a premier ACG Systems manufacturing partner, has been approved on the GSA Schedule. The suite of RIC-M products and software includes: RIC-Mx, RIC-Mz, the all-new RIC-Mz CAGE, CAGE Cards and the Line Card module. The Christine Wireless TKMD (Tactical Key Management Device, non-FIPS version) has also been approved on GSA. This impressive base device supports up to 500 subscribers with additional subscriber support (up to 3000) available via a software upgrade. 

ACG Systems’ GSA Schedule now includes the following manufacturers: Motorola, MICOM HF, Bosch/Telex, Omnicron, Technisonic, CPI, Comtelco, Engage, Vidicode, Christine Wireless and Radio/Wireless Service Labor Categories.

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ACG Systems provides industry and government with operationally effective, cost efficient, unifying communication solutions. ACG integrates, distributes, and supports leading brands of digital and analog communication equipment in support of major national and regional airlines, federal government agencies, airport authorities and other related industries. Our product line includes radios covering most frequency bands, consoles, switches, digital recorders and radio communications systems–including a number of ACG designed and branded products.

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