External after-market protocol converter
Developed by Christine Wireless, Inc. Manufactured and sold by ACG Systems.
The RIC-M is an external after-market protocol converter allowing Conventional Motorola ASTRO base stations and other related equipment to be interconnected using Internet Protocol. Designed for use in State, Local and Federal First Responder, Public Safety and Law Enforcement radio systems. Developed by Christine Wireless, Inc., the product is under contract to and licensed by the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate.
• Eliminate expensive and obsolete copper telephone circuits
• Create Migration Strategy from Analog to IP Connectivity
• Manage Multiple Quantars across your IP Network
• Expand technology options for future console/dispatch upgrades
• Add non-Motorola* base stations and other equipment into a conventional Motorola ASTRO system
• Introduce the flexibility of IP connections to your conventional Motorola ASTRO system
• Applicable Products: Quantar™, GTR-8000™, PDR-3500™, ASTRO-TAC 3000™, DIU- 3000™ and TXM 2000™