MIEMMS Point to Point

A MIEMSS was planning to construct Point-to-Point microwave links at thirteen locations within the National Capital Region (NCR) to existing Public Safety radio tower locations utilized by MIEMSS. As the first step in this effort, MIEMSS was looking to engage a consultant with extensive experience designing Point-to-Point microwave systems in support of T1 and Ethernet communications protocols. The consultant will be required to engineer the microwave path and all internal connectivity required at each facility and tower site.
In response to this RFP, ACG was required to perform a physical site survey of each facility in relationship to a MIEMSS tower or Point-of-Presence (PoP). The survey discovered available dark fiber assets that may be utilized, if a microwave radio link is not technically feasible. The survey resulted in a complete equipment and connectivity list required to connect the Point-to-Point microwave radio network to the identified end user locations within the facility, including all point-to-point microwave resources, T1 channel bank equipment, fiber connection requirements, Cat 5 cabling requirements and all ancillary support equipment. No construction of the proposed microwave links or purchase of any equipment was included in this effort
Deliverables included comprehensive site path information, including PathLoss readings, elevation readings, block diagrams of all installation sites, pictures of all intended installation sites, discussion and analysis of technical challenges at each site.