PTP Video Security System for Hotel Chain

ACG’s knowledge of point to point and point to multipoint technology helps defray the need for underground cable.

Fairview Hotel hired a video surveillance company to install 24-hour video monitors throughout the property. Since the surveillance company’s expertise was only designated to monitoring , it hired ACG to manage the installation.
Because some cameras needed to be outside of the property, the installation required underground wire and pulling cable – an expense that would cost the hotel thousands of dollars. Instead, ACG used a point to multipoint communication technology where the signals transmit via radio, back to the surveillance company’s headquarters, where monitoring could take place.
In order for point to multipoint technology to work effectively, the site’s physical environment must be surveyed and barriers such as trees or other buildings must be mapped for data propagation. Based on expected tree foliage we determined the bandwidth needed, and strategically placed cameras that would transmit live video to their central switch. Each camera is equipped with a wireless radio, where each points to another access point, and all communicate to a centralized group of radios on site. These specified point to point shots require a sophisticated understanding of multipoint technology – the greater the distance between the cameras, the more of a challenge it presents.
While many other companies say they are experts in point to point, they may not have the breadth of experience as ACG Systems. We have installed dozens of  systems for military bases, airports and large properties belonging to federal agencies. Experience means less trial and error, getting the job faster and on budget.