Commercial Railroad


The commercial railroad system is comprised of thousands of miles of railroad through major cities and remote areas. At risk to hazards, derailment, and other accidents, many railroad companies employ their own police force utilizing special agents. These agents, who oversee a certain territory of railroad, must be able to communicate with local emergency responders . Historically, for one major railroad company, these agents would have to make multiple phone calls using a cell phone or railroad radio, then additional calls to notify train headquarters about an incident. The number of steps and time elapsed could cause critical communication errors, putting the railroad company at risk for further problems.


Working within the railroad company’s current infrastructure with a national telecom provider, ACG installed a radio system within every special agent rail yard facility. The system extended the agent’s coverage range and allowed live data transmission with command and control headquarters.
The command center’s ability to hear live, local radio calls removed the need for a local dispatch center, saving the railroad company thousands of dollars in human capital and technical resources.  ACG provided radios for 11 sites across the east coast, as well as a dispatcher training guide. ACG’s expertise in integration and service prompted the railroad’s communication provider to collaborate with our team on this sophisticated project.