Army Range Point to Point Network Extension

At a major Army training range located on the East Coast, ACG created a communications system for command to review training exercises in multiple locations, using live video and data, on demand. The new system allowed individual users complete access to the authenticated military network. Under a tight deadline, this project was installed and configured in 13 working days.


In war territory overseas, special operation missions are sophisticated;  they must review building maps, classified intelligence, road conditions, targets, and inhabitants, all under a highly secured network. Critical communication has become a military requirement, but not all US-based training facilities have adopted the technology at the same rate.
Due to the high cost of an underground cable infrastructure, training facilities must use low bandwidth and operate below capacity. High bandwidth communication at multiple use points is critical for monitoring training exercises and reviewing data. The bandwidth capacity must perform when multiple users are added under a secure network. Without a high speed connection, commanding officers may have to wait up to 24 hours to review training exercise data. Loss of time results in lesson delay and relaying critical maneuvers.
The training facility was 11 miles wide and 7 miles long, and had two radio towers on either side. The towers were only LMR radio transmission towers equipped to handle ground based communications and remote ground air radio communications.


Using PTP (Point-to-Point) technology and highly calculated microwave engineering, ACG reconfigured the tower’s bandwidth and installed radios and antenna systems to extend the networkover an entire range area.
The soldier work station on the training base was also reconfigured with an adjustable broadband antenna pointer tuning system. Each soldier could view video and data on his/her laptop, with 100+MGs of bandwidth, completely encrypted. As a result of ACG’s customized integration solutions, information can extend over the entire range of the military network.