ACG Dial-Up Networks for Airlines

Dial-up radio networks may seem antiquated, but the technology is not obsolete. Today, ACG is the largest provider of dial-up networks for most major airlines. As airlines compete for passengers and combat rising fuel costs, low-cost and efficient communication systems keep the demand for dial-up networks at a steady rate.
For added safety and customer service, many airlines choose to use a radio network independent of the FAA and the airport’s control tower. These systems enable the airline dispatch to communicate airport closings, weather, turbulence, and other advisories to pilots.
As airline dispatch requires communication with the pilot at all times, they need an air to ground radio system that can function in remote areas. These airlines deploy ACG technicians to conduct a site survey, find the best location for the antenna, and then install the air to ground radio.
Using its own proprietary radio box, the ACG 2000, ACG integrates a telephone land line and converts the signal to dial-up radio.  For every new airport the airline acquires, ACG installs a new network using PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network).
This effort has positioned ACG as the preferred communications expert within the airline industry. With a network of over 25 technicians in North America (including the Caribbean), our expertise extends beyond the smallest airports to the most remote areas.
As airlines become more technologically savvy, they will eventually convert to a data-link communications system, an expensive alternative. As a result, ACG is already developing technology that will integrate with data-link, allowing for a seamless, cost-effective transition.