ACOM Command and Control

ACOM Command & Control provides your control center “The Power to Respond”, enabling your console operators to connect, organize, and inform.  The solution is an end-to-end control center solution bringing both voice and data communication together to enable operators to orchestrate field personnel conveying situational awareness and response plans.



Core Product Features

More Interfaces, More Connections, More Control

There’s a reason ACOM has received some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry. Scaling from a few consoles to hundreds and with support for more interfaces than any other system, ACOM gives you the vital connections you need, when you need them, quickly and efficiently. Whether in an emergency or large-scale event, ACOM gives you more control for when you need to operate across equipment, departments, agencies and jurisdictions.

Supported are a broad range of telephony technologies, including SIP, ISDN, and QSig; signaling protocols and radio protocols; standards-based radio interfaces such as Project 25, TETRA, DMR, and NXDN; and interfaces to conventional and proprietary systems and technologies.

Complimentary command and control services
  • CAD/AVL systems
  • Voice recording systems
  • Digital I/O
  • Video cameras
  • Paging
  • Remote monitoring
  • Voter Control
Customization, Evolved

Let our professionally trained customer fulfillment team work with you to help define what your system needs are.  From how the screens work, or how resources appear to how your operations are handled.  The UI is designed to give you the look and feel you want and your organization requires.  ACOM is like no other as it is designed with configuration in mind and easily evolves with your operational changes.  With its enterprise-class server architecture and high capacity, ACOM can be updated and expanded as the need arises without requiring expensive additional hardware.

Powerful Call Management

The ACOM’s Call Management feature allows you to determine how calls are viewed, prioritized, and handled.  Areas of Interest and Call Stacks working together, allow call activity to be tracked by supervisors to make sure staffing levels match the current call needs.

Smart Audio Routing

Scripted audio files allow an ACOM console to have any audio input source be directed to any audio output.  Audio levels can be automatically adjusted based on the operator’s console selections, configured to the needs of the control room without making expensive, hard-coded software changes.

Flexible Access

Profile-based logins gives users the ability to log in to any one of a number of ACOM systems simply by using a different login profile.  This can be critically important during disaster-recovery operations or situations where different systems are deployed or interagency access is required.  Profiles can reflect available resources, dispatch functions, duty shifts and schedules, supervisory and maintenance roles, and training exercise simulations.

Once logged in, the user has the additional ability of a simple drag-and-drop procedure to dynamically add resources or remove them from their screens, quickly and easily, in response to unexpected incidents, emergencies, or dispatchers’ changing needs.

Bandwidth Efficient

ACOM Command & Control ensures that IP connectivity is used efficiently and bandwidth is available when you need it most—during critical times and when network traffic is at its peak. That’s because the system utilizes a consolidated audio stream to the console that allows an operator to select any or all resources simultaneously without affecting the IP-network bandwidth to the console.

Mobile & Remote Support

Quickly and securely setup temporary, back-up or mobile training positions with just a laptop or tablet and a USB headset. Unlike other console solutions which can limit you to a few channels, ACOM provides no channel limit, giving the user access to the full resource capabilities of the console system, at a fraction of the cost of a fixed position.

Delivering the Security of True End-to-End Encryption

ACOM’s full end-to-end encryption is designed to keep your communications secure. DES and AES encryption are integral features of the ACOM interfaces. In addition, ACOM supports FIPS 140-2 and the use of a Key Fill Device (KFD) or connection to a Key Management Facility (KMF) for Over-the-Network Rekeying (OTNR).

Enhanced Broadband Push-To-Talk

With the emergence of high bandwidth LTE data networks, users are looking to augment their LMR systems with Broadband Push-To-Talk (PTT) platforms while consolidating operations with data centric applications to increase productivity. ACOM not only provides the ability to integrate with Commercial Broadband Push-To-Talk (PTT) services but to also be the linking conduit to the existing LMR networks.

High Availability

Because ACOM delivers the industry’s highest levels of availability, it stays up and running and your communications get through, even if a fault condition occurs.  From dual network connections, dual power, to hot-standby capability for all core controller services.

Optimal Performance

Built-in IP-diagnostic tools and web-based system-management capabilities simplify system maintenance and error diagnosis.  They also monitor and report on the health of the network to ensure that it’s running efficiently.  This helps keep your system performing optimally and your cost of ownership low.


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