Bell Helicopter Training Academy Communications System

ACG Systems Equips Bell Helicopter Training Academy with Upgraded Communications System

ACG Systems (ACG), utilizing Park Air and Avtec products, successfully completed a strategic directional antenna configuration to optimize communications coverage for the Bell Helicopter Training Academy. ACG worked with the Bell Helicopter Training Pilot Group, Tower Operators, IT Team to provide secure voice communications with ongoing service and technical support. The statement of work was tailored to meet the Bell Helicopter Training Academy Operation’s Alliance Airport to the Hurst relocation requirement. The initial problem Bell faced was a 17 mile relocation from the current flight practice area.

The Texas Motor Speedway would impede the line of sight for Tower to Practice Area VHF communications. The practice area is the training site for customers to learn how to operate & maneuver their aircraft. Clear communications are critical for this action. ACG Systems installed the Park Air T6-IP VHF Transceivers at three Bell Helicopter locations: Alliance, Hurst Tower, and Meacham.

The Avtec Scout Consoles were added to allow the Hurst Tower Operator and Plant Maintenance crew simultaneous control of the 3 Park Air T6TR radio sites With ACG at the helm of installation and configuration, the comprehensive technical solution provided coverage mapping to certain aircraft altitudes for the pilot group and worked to ensure the VHF System upgrade met the operational and coverage requirement for the Training Academy.


Bell Helicopter Training Academy


Strategic Directional Antenna Configuration, Park Air T6-IP VHF Transceiver Installation

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