ACG’s Prime Responsibility

While ACG has direct contracts with the government, we pride ourselves in delivering quality service to our Prime contractors. We’ve worked with many large contractors such as CSC, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, DRS Technologies, to name a few.  Through this experience, we have learned what it means to be a true partner, understanding the intricate processes that are needed to make our Primes successful. We are experts in managing the documentation required for large contracts, and have helped our Primes mitigate problems, especially during growth phases of a project.
Our recent work with SAIC can exemplify our dedication to our Prime contractors. ACG was contracted in 2010 for delivering 19 flight check radio systems for SAIC’s deployable tactical air navigation (D-TACAN). The D-TACAN systems support the Air Traffic Control and Landing Systems (ATCALS) Program for the U.S. Air Force, which were delivered by SAIC under a $24 million contract.
As aircraft pilots train on bases throughout the U.S., aircraft components and data must be transferred to ground shelters, requiring a sophisticated communications system (D-TACAN). The system included the flight check radio, which allows the Air Force to remotely check and test components of an aircraft; where previously all of these tests required someone to perform them on site, within aircraft range.  The radio solution required a combination of multiple systems from different manufacturers, which is a capability unique to ACG Systems.
The bid originally called for IP Access, which was later discovered impenetrable due to network certification issues. The SAIC/ACG team was now faced with a technological challenge – how can they configure a radio system without access to their IP network? Instead, ACG used older technology to fix a modern solution by using a dial-up box called the ACG2000. Now, cell phones can dial into and communicate with the radio, eliminating the road block. When network administrators eventually allow IP Access, all of the components will be easily reconfigured, thus preventing the need for revised scope of work.
Under the DTACAN project, ACG delivered all 19 systems in late 2011, following rigorous Factory Acceptance Testing and quality assurance.
For another SAIC project called the ILS-M (instrument landing systems modernization), the work required Native IP, a solution that is now the future of radio integration. However, Native IP still involves remote access, which was not allowable due to the same network certification problems. ACG found another solution – we built integrated a third party box from Park Air, which utilizes MARC software that allows remote diagnostics via a PC and gathers bit information. The solution required ACG and Park Air to rewrite software based on the unique requirements, which eliminated another road block for our Prime contractor.
Under the 5 year contract for the ILS-M, ACG will deliver 82 systems at a $2M value, and provide on-site customer training. Solutions, problem solving, and training are how ACG provides unique value to its Prime contractors.

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