Lone Worker Alarm System

Manufacturing and processing plants must employ proper safety technology for all employees who work independently on various job sites. As part of safety protocol, these companies must provide man-down alarms for each employee. The devices are worn by lone workers and programmed to send an alarm signal to dispatch via an autodialer and wireless alarm annunciator.
ACG was hired by Air Products to install and upgrade their alarm system to the SentriMax, a system that connects directly to a radio and phone line to monitor and control remote processes, sites and operations. Alarm messages are sent by text page or natural recorded voice over phone or radio. Users can also phone or radio the SentriMax to remote control local processes or conditions.
Air Product’s former system had a faulty dial-out connection with inconsistent and false alarm transmissals. Unreliable systems place these plant workers at major risk for injury. Improving safety and response times, ACG installed the solution in 7 Air Product facilities with proper training for all employees. “ACG was incredibly helpful,” said Kendra Bosch, health and safety specialist for Air Products. “Once ACG trained me, the system became very user friendly and easy to use.”